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I am Where?

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Spring break is here and we are… where?  Can you guess where we are? 

This is our first day of our Spring Break vacation.  We have spent 7 hours walking around seeing the sights.  Now we are all flopped on our hotel beds, doing our own thing, exhausted! 

It’s amazing how four people can be in one hotel room and it be so quiet.  (at the moment anyway!)  I’M NOT COMPLAINING!  Of course it’s much like home.  In my house with two floors and multiple rooms, wherever mom is, then that is where the family is.  I don’t know why they like me so much!  I’m really not that nice.  Ha!     

Born in New Hampshire

Born in Ohio

Met and married in Florida

Kiddos born in North Carolina


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  1. What a cute idea!!!
    Have fun!!

  2. I know where you are. and again, it’s not in Florida! and tell Jacky-Doodle to at least LOOK like he’s having fun! geez! lol have a good time!!!!! luv ya!!!


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