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Bonus Room Redo

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My BFF has seen me redo room after room after room.  I know she has silently thought I was (I am) a bit crazy.  She has patiently indulged me when I ask her to come over to rearrange furniture or re-accessorize my walls.  But now we are redoing her house.  And NOW she is seeing and experiencing for herself how easy it is to change things up, and how good it feel to redo something yourself and see the end result look amazing.  In short, she is a redo fanatic.  She’s just like me! ha!  Her dining room is next!

The room went from a light tan to a happy blue/gray.  The wall color we used is called Ocean City Blue #718 by Benjamin Moore.  It’s lovely!

Ocean City Blue by Benjamin Moore

The BEFORE. Sad Couch. Unhappy Cushions. Plain Walls.

Boring walls.

Here’s the room AFTER! Happy couch and cushions!  Beautiful walls!  I recovered the back cushions and pillows in the groovy fabric BFF picked out. It changed the look of the couch! The curtains are from Ikea. I added a panel of fabric on the side to give it a “custom” look.  BFF recovered her kid’s desk chairs in a coordinating strip fabric.

The leftover fabric was added to the curtains.

I ripped out the seam on the side of the curtain to add a narrow panel of fabric.  The fabric is 45 inches wide.  I cut 20 inch wide panels to add to the side of the curtain.  I needed to added a couple of back tabs to match the tabs that were already on the Ikea curtains.  Another way to add a “custom” look to ready-made curtains is to add fabric to the top 1/3 or the bottom 1/3 of the curtain.


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  1. what a lucky BFF! The bonus room looks GREAT!

  2. fantastic! Love the paisley!


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