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Memory Madness

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I have a few thing to blog about, but today I need to talk about my memory before I forget. 

As I was getting ready to sit down and blog, I realized I needed my camera.  I just used it today but I can’t find it.  As I’m swearing under my breath (gosh darn, oh golly, fooie, gee wiz), I’m also trying to remember where I put my computer mouse.  One of my kids borrowed it earlier today and as I was returning to my computer, I got distracted, laid it down, and now I can’t find it.  Seriously?!!  I found my Hubby though, and the lucky man got to hear my rantings about losing things, including my mind.  It must have been fate because my Hubby was sitting in the same room with my computer, and oddly enough, my mouse was sitting right there too!  Ahhh… the mouse was with the computer.  Why didn’t I think of that?

More swearing.  But that’s ok.  While I still can’t find my camera, I do have my mouse and computer… I’m ready to blog. 

NO I’m not!  I think I left my glasses upstairs.  Needing them to write my blog, off I go, up the stairs.  By the time I get to the top, I can’t remember why I was there!  Back down I went.  As soon as I reached the bottom stair I remembered my glasses again. Instead of going back upstairs, I looked in my purse in case I left them there.  Not in there!  But I found my camera!  Woohoo.  Now I have my camera, my mouse and computer.  Still can’t blog though, because I can’t see a darn thing. 

Now I’m wearing my Hubby’s glasses.  I give up.  I’m defeated. 

There should be a way to call out to your missing items and they will come running.  Or at least call out “Yoohoo Laurie, I’m over here”.  I wouldn’t even mind if the missing item yelled out “Idiot, are you blind?  I’m right in front of your face!”  Unless of course the yelling came from my glasses.  Cuz that would just be rude.


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  1. When you can’t remember whee something is or can’t find something – ask yourself “Where would a child have put it?” Generally the answer will come rather quickly. If not, oh well that’s just the joys of maturity…..

  2. amyturnertaylor

    Reading this post was like looking in the mirror-lol! Don’t feel alone…yes, I know, that’s no consolation!

  3. I think that may be a sign of getting old! I am SO glad I don’t have those issues yet! ha ha ha

  4. you should be able to like google ‘where are my glasses?’ And it should answer, Like you left them on the bathroom counter you wingnut! 😉


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