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Happy Friday y’all!  It’s been a busy week.  I haven’t done much in my own house, but I’ve been busy!

clipped images,construction,cropped images,cropped pictures,hardhats,helmets,icons,PNG,protective gears,safety,safety gear,text,transparent background,under construction,warningsMy brother has been here visiting for week so far.  What does that mean?  Well… what it DOESN’T mean is taking it easy and relaxing.  It doesn’t mean showing him around town. (He’s been here plenty of times already.)  And it certainly doesn’t mean sleeping in or not having a schedule. 

With my brother here, it means fixed screened porches, patched holes in the ceiling and adjusted doors.  For my BFF it means removing a sink and toilet and tilling her bathroom floor, fixing her front porch and laying down slate tile.  It means fixing floors and cracked walls and repairing drywall.  For my friend/neighbor it means replacing broken windows, repairing under the counter lights, fixing a door that won’t shut and hanging a chandelier.  Did I mention he can build a house?  And oh yeah, he can’t sit still?  For me, it means I’m exhausted trying to keep up!    But its been fun!

My BFF has big plans for her house and I’m excited to help her with them.  My brother has made all those projects less daunting and easier on her.  Together we have ripped down wallpaper and painted her powder bathroom in between the tiling process.  Her bonus/playroom has been caulked and patched up by my Bro and I am working on recovering couch cushions and sewing curtains.  Painting that room will be next. 

It’s been great having my brother here.  I would like him to just move here and make my redecorating/DIY life easier.  Ha!  My BFF and I have joked that we should go into business together.  He could repair and fix rooms/houses and us girls can paint, sew, do whatever to make them pretty.  We could call the company “Two chicks and a Bro”, or “A Bro, a Sis, and a BFF”, Two Cuties and him”…, I could go on and on!  : )    

I do have pictures, but I will post them when all the projects are done.  They look awesome, thanks to my favorite (and only) brother!


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  1. lol – my vote is for Two chicks and a Bro! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the pics.


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