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The Jewelry Box

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My Mom gave me her old jewelry box to either redo and/or give to my daughter.  It sat in my sewing room for a while.  I was going to use it for the little things that need a home, like pins and needles and such.  But as I was cleaning out my jewelry basket the other day, I realized how completely unorganized my jewelry was.  It was all thrown together in a big tangled mess.

So out came Mom’s jewelry box.  I remember when I was little, my sister and I would go through this jewelry box, opening one drawer at a time, mesmerized by her jewelry.  Each drawer had a purpose and each drawer was filled with treasures.  It was always a big deal to us when Mom let us look through her jewelry box.

After I got all my jewelry organized, my daughter came in to see what I was doing.  Her eyes got wide when she saw the jewelry box.  She asked if she could look inside.  As she stood in awe opening every drawer one at a time, the feeling of deja vu was overwhelming.  It was both cool and disturbing though.  Cool that my daughter was looking through my jewelry box with the same sense of wonder I had when I looked through my Mom’s jewelry box, but disturbing because I don’t know when I got old enough to watch my daughter experience things that I so clearly remember when I was her age! 

Who knows.  Maybe some day she will have this jewelry box and her daughter will ask to look side.  And she will have the same feelings and the same memories I have as she watches her wide-eyed daughter open every drawer.  Perhaps she will also wonder, like me and probably my Mom, where the time went!


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  1. Wow – The jewelry box is similar to one that I once had. Unfortunately someone else has the box but not my daughter. Your post made me think back on how I felt when I emptied the box and moved and cleared out the jewelry that was in it along with other small trinkets, like the boys ribbons from scouts with their pins and other things. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Thanks for making me tear up this morning! So true about little girls and their Mommy’s jewelry boxes. I still love going home and looking through my Mom’s jewels and even borrowing some. You should have your Mom engrave her signature on the bottom of the Jewelry box, then you and Syd should do the same….make it a legacy piece! Another great idea would be to EACH leave a piece of jewelry that gets handed down from generation to generation. Each piece stays with the box when it gets handed down.

    • Thank you Kerry! The signature idea is brilliant! And thank you for selling Lia Sophia… or else my jewerly box would not be filled up! ; ) Love ya!

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