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Happy Friday y’all!  Today was antique shopping day.  The first weekend of every month we have a giant antique fair not too far from here.  There is always oodles of goodies to be found – both antiques and thrift items!  My ride to the fair picked me up in her little convertible instead of the truck, so today we had to think small.

The fair had some beautiful furniture and accessories.  If I had an endless supply of cash and a big truck, this day would have turned out differently.  But since my money tree has yet to sprout, I held off on buying all the fabulous things I saw.  The pictures below are pieces I would like to duplicate or they have a specific memory from a long time ago.

This cart was on wheels. I loved the pipe handles on the ends. Very clever.

This piece was converted for wine storage. The other side had a cabinet for glasses and drawers for storage.

This picture is for my dad. The jukebox is from 1962. It was playing old 45’s!

Do you remember this? Those of you who are in the 40-50 year old range might recall this old kitchen set from the 1960’s. (1960’S…GULP!)  My sister and I had one just like it! It actually had running water.

And these are the only things that came home with me today. The candle holders were $5.00 apiece. I’m going to paint the brass on the top and bottom another color, maybe a dark metal color.

It was a slow week for me.  One of those weeks when you just don’t feel like doing a darn thing.  So I didn’t.  I’m hoping to have some more project going next week to share with you.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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