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What happened to the days when you could drive to Blockbuster and pick out a movie?  I don’t ever remember feeling like it was an inconvenience.  It was something people actually looked forward to do, especially on a weekend night.  Remember?… being able to walk around a big store full of movies?  Taking your time browsing the new releases section?  Picking up a movie and being able to put it back on the shelf if it didn’t look interesting or it was inappropriate for kids?  And having a few days or more to bring the movie back?  Do you ever remember thinking it was a pain in the neck?  I remember it being a fun thing to do.

My poor BFF.  It was not the best of weeks for her.  Sitting down and enjoying a movie on their standing “family fun night” sounded like the perfect thing to do.  But there is not a Blockbuster to be found.  Or any other movie rental store for that matter.  She was recently introduced to Red Box at the grocery store.  It’s only $1.00, I believe.  But once she got there, she didn’t know what movie she wanted her family to see.  It was frustrating not to be able to hold the movie, read the back and decide to keep it or not.  She had to make a decision quickly.  There was a line of movie hungry people behind her.  So much pressure!  Her heart was pounding.  She was holding up the lives of all the people waiting to pick out their movie.  She cracked under pressure.  She started to panic.  She left the store, still gripping her credit card, with no movie to see.  So now, not only was she on the verge of tears, she had to go home and tell her kids her sad story.  Of course they didn’t understand.  Kids just don’t get it sometimes.  What was the big deal about putting in a credit card and getting out a movie?

When people say the “good ole day”, listen up.  They know what they speak of.  It was the good ole days when you were happily overwhelmed with all the movie choices at the movie store.  When you could take your time, wander, browse, make thoughtful decisions.  When you didn’t feel the anxiety and pressure of hurried people in the line behind you.  Now everything is “convenient”.  But convenience doesn’t alway mean easy.  Convenience can mean minimal choices.  And minimal choices can mean upset mommies.  And upset mommies can mean disappointed kids.  And disappointed kids can mean thoughtless behavior.  And thoughtless behavior can mean REALLY unhappy Mommies.  And REALLY unhappy mommies just need to drink  go straight to bed.  See?  There goes family fun night.  And  it’s all “convenience’s” fault.

Moral of the story?  Driving out-of-the-way to a movie store to be overwhelmed by movie choices that cost 5 times more than Red Box and then making an extra trip to the grocery store to avoid paying ridiculous prices for candy and popcorn makes some of us Mommies happy.  ; )  The End.


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  1. I miss those video store rental days. Ours had a deal for movies not on the new release shelves. You could rent three movies for three days and only pay three dollars. I loved it! Sometimes I would rent as many as six or nine movies and yes they would all be watched three days later.

    I don’t do Redbox. I either get movies from the library or leach from my boyfriend’s Netflix.

  2. chandlerswainreviews

    By way of exponentially increasing frustration it seemed like the pent-up angst over videos would eventually lead to some sort of intercontinental nuclear exchange. This is why I never rent but buy all of my films. (Does that make me a cine-pacifist?)

  3. 🙂 I hear ya!!

  4. Right on sister!


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