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Sometime you need to be careful what you wish for…

My son, an eighth grader, doesn’t seem to want to grow up as fast as I think he should.  And there are days when I feel like rotten mom for not having my son up to speed maturity wise.  I want him to act like the teenager he is.  Not really a lot to ask.

This morning, and another moment of feeling like a crappy mom, my son didn’t have much food to put in his lunch box.  (Grocery shopping is not on my list of favorite thing to do.)  If he ate like crazy, I wouldn’t worry so much, but he doesn’t.  He asked if I would bring him lunch.  Wow!  Three years in middle school and this is the first time he asked me to bring him lunch.  Of course I said YES!

As he was getting ready to walk to the bus stop, we were making final plans on sandwiches and the time to meet at school.  I asked “Do you want me to eat with you?”.  You’d think I asked him if I could do cartwheels down the hall at school by the look on his face.  He was horrified!  He said “No, just drop it off, then leave as fast as you can.  And wear make-up.  I love you mom.”

Ahhh, there’s he is, my teenage son.  Apparently I’m too uncool to be seen at school.  Maybe I am doing something right.  : )


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  1. I actually chuckled when I read this post. I gotta say that the best part is your son’s “I love you mom” comment.

  2. That is classic!!! Love it!!

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