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These french doors I’m painting are looking lovely, but they are giving me so much grief!  Still no pictures, but I will post them as soon as this paint job is finished.  UGH!!  Whose bright idea was this anyway?? ha!

So as I’m painting away with my iPod earplugs in my ears, I’m kind of in LaLa land.  (Also known as “my own little world”.)  It occurs to me, while living in LaLa land, that part of my frustration with these dumb doors is my eyes.  I can’t see close up without glasses and I’m blind in one eye.  Wearing glasses is fine, but having sight in only one eye leaves my depth perception not much to be desired.  Don’t get me wrong… I’m not complaining.  I thank the Lord I can still see with one eye!

But as I’m trying to make contact with my little paintbrush to the french door I’m painting, I started thinking about the little incidents that happened because of my lack of depth perception… Like,

My Hubby got a brand new car (new to him) a few years back.  He loved that car!  I was afraid to drive it because he loved it so much.  But I decided to take it out one weekend when I went model home hopping.  While I was pulling up to the side of the street to park at this gorgeous model home, I ran into a metal drain thing on the curb.  I scratch the heck out of the rim on the front right side tire.  I thought I had plenty of room.  Apparently not.

Another time I was driving through the neighborhood and took out a garbage can with my right side mirror.  That mirror slammed against the passenger side window and then fell off and hung there, swinging to and fro, by the wires.  That was probably a week after I hurt Hubby’s car!  Bad words went flying out of my mouth, I’m ashamed to say.

More recently, I had my car parked in the garage on my Hubby’s side since my side is my workshop when I’m working on a project.  I pulled OUT of the garage and hit my side mirror again!  In a panic, I put the car in drive and knocked the heck out of it going IN the garage.  Can’t explain why I did that, just thought it would fix it, I guess.  A couple of days later I finally told Hubby (he’s not always the most observant guy) and he asked if I hit the mirror going in or out of the garage.  My reply was a simple, “Yes”.  He laughed and said we would get it fixed.  I told him not too.  It was cracked, badly, but still useable and you never know what I will side swipe again.  Like the gate in the bus parking lot?  That never happened! ; 0

I can’t see 3D movies.  Not that I care much about that.  Never was a big fan of unexpected things coming towards my face.  And it’s fun watching the audience reach out to touch something that isn’t even there.  (Yes, I’m easily amused.)  And there have been some frustrating moments when I’m trying to screw something into the wall and keep missing with the screwdriver.

But overall, I don’t think about the blindness too much.  Except today when I’m trying to paint all the little grooves in the French door windows with a small paintbrush and landing on the glass I’m trying to avoid. : )


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