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I woke up this morning, after a not so great sleep, and looked into the mirror.  As I stood droopied eyed looking at myself, I wondered if I went to bed looking like this.  What the heck happened overnight?  The next thought was obvious.  Hubby had to wake up NOW, cuz I’m not walking to the bus stop looking like this!  I know, sounds shallow, but it gets worse.

While my wonderful hubby escorted our daughter to the bus stop, I took a moment before the next child had to be up and grazed the newspaper.  The very first article that popped out at me (actually it slapped me silly) was a story about the founders of Girls on the Run starting another “revolution” of spending the next 60 days with no make up, NO SHAVING,  no primping of any kind.  Au Naturale.  Their point behind this movement is Girls on the Run (my daughter even participates!) empowers the girls to accept themselves as they are, that they are strong, powerful and beautiful without any adornment.  The creators of GOTR wanted to look their girls in the eyes and tell them they are perfect just as they are, without the hypocrisy of being all made up themselves.

So there I am, feeling like a schmuck for not being a good role model for my daughter.  (In my own defense, I did tell her Daddy got up early because he WANTS to walk her to the bus stop!)  Other mothers go to the bus stop in their PJs and I think nothing of it.  Actually I admire them for being brave and think they look cute in their flannel pants and slippers.  Why can’t I do that?

No more!  I will be brave.  I will start my own revolution.  I WILL go to the bus stop “as is”.  Just as soon as I buy some cute, warm pajamas, find matching fuzzy slippers and get my hair colored.  I’m NOT shallow!  I can do this!  I will make my daughter proud!  (or embarrassed!)   ; )


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  1. You, my dear sister, are truly a dork! lol love ya!!!

  2. Carol Patterson

    Hi Laurie.

    Speaking of the natural look – go for it. As for me, I will pass.

    Like the second “new look” of your blog. It appears that you are enjoying your new blog books.

  3. Laurie,

    I am happy to have another pajama-bottom friend as the bus stop. You don’t even have to match or have cute fuzzy slippers! 😉 Really enjoyed you entries!



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