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Blogging has been a challenge.  Not the writing part, but the overall look and design of my blog, as well as learning the language.  So, I went to Barnes and Noble this weekend and picked up a couple of books on Blogging.  Learning as I go has been slow and frustrating, and since I have been out of the “real working world” for almost 14 years, my computer knowledge skill are pitiful.  Funny that I has the computer savvy “go to girl” back in the day when I worked for money.  I answered mind-boggling questions like “Who changed my computer password?”  In a split of a second, my brilliant response was “Is your caps lock on?”  It always gave me a chuckle to see Ad Executives sink down in their chair when they realized they were freaking out over their caps lock being on.  (It’s the little things!)

But now I’m sitting here next to a book called “Blogging Boot Camp” and “Blogging for Dummies”.  I don’t necessarily consider myself a dummy.  But I suppose finding matches to missing socks, discovering “NOTME” is an invisible child I didn’t know I had, and miraculously cooking four separate dinners on one single stove isn’t enough to make me Intellectual of the Year.

So I’m going to read my books.  And I’m going to most likely change my blog a bit.  Hopefully I will learn what RSS, XML, FTP, meta tags, and CSS are.  (Maybe I don’t even need to know what they are!)  Then there  is the question… Do I want or switch to  Who knows, maybe when I finish the books, I will be the smart “go to girl” I use to be, instead of the “know nada girl” I am today!   I welcome any easy on my brain tips and/or advice.  ; )


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  1. Your sense of humor is going to win out and get you thru all your challenges. Don’t be too hard on self.

  2. ummmm….so sister dear…what page are you on?? ha ha ha to be as creative as you are and then to be able to do all of this is pretty amazing!


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