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Once in a Blue Moon

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I did something this week I haven’t done in a long, long time, if ever.  Something so utterly shocking, both my BFF and Sister said they wished they could be a fly on the wall.  Something so out of character that I was the talk of the neighborhood!

I EXERCISED!  Yep, you read that right.  I took a Pilates class.  (And fortunately for me, typing this blog requires only the movement of my fingers.)  My friend and neighbor, Crys, is a Pilates instructor.  She has been talking about getting me into a class for a while now.  She won, I went, and actually survived to tell you about it.

The class started out slow for us “newbies”.  I had a friend there who’s new to Pilates too, so I wasn’t alone in this experience.  But Janet (said friend!) took the last spot in the back of the room, so I was front and center.  (Not where I ever want to be!)  Not long after we began class, I did look back at Janet, not to see how she was doing (cuz she made me sit in the front of the class!), but to inform her I was sweating.  (She knows I don’t like to sweat!)  And while Crys was awesome at conducting the class, she did have this look of fear in her eyes.  To me they were saying, “Please dear Lord, don’t let me kill my friend”!

But I think I did pretty well for the first time.  Only a couple of times did I have to collapse on the floor because of my muscles spasming out of control.  The hardest thing of all, besides exercising, was concentrating on breathing.  Who knew breathing was so hard?  Crys would tell us to exhale and come up and inhale and go back down (or was  it the other way around?) but the words “inhale and exhale” are so confusing when you’re not breathing at all!  Short orders would have worked better for my oxygen deprived brain… Out and down,  In and up.  I think eventually breathing will come second nature to me.

So one week down, 7 more weeks to go.  I asked Crys if I will have rock solid abs by the time the class ended.  She said “no, but it will be a good start”.  Apparently you have to exercise regularly, not just 8 weeks every 40 something years. ; )


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  1. Yes Laurie, rock hard abs come with exercising more than “once in a Blue Moon”! Who knew! You were a trooper and I am glad that I did not kill my friend!

  2. You have a nice subtle sense of humor. Thanks for the post. I’m glad you learned to breath, and made it out alive. Did you have to use any of those stability balls? Ask your friend why they call them that?


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