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Powder Room Tile Backsplash

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Apparently I wasn’t finished with the powder room redo. : )  (Am I really ever done?)  I decided to tile the wall behind the sink between the two lattices.  It was just a plain wall that gets wet with water.  I actually heard it call out for some tile!  I found exactly what I was looking for at HomeDepot.  The marble/glass “liner”, a 2.3/4 x 12 inch piece, is only $2.94 each!  The color is called MARAZZI Artisan Coco.

I have not tackled a tiling job before, but I made it easy on myself.  I peeled off each 1/2 inch size square and placed it on the wall one by one.  Seven rows of 39 tiles across.  That’s 273 tiles I place by hand.  But who’s counting.  Oh yeah, the “easy” part was not having to grout OR cut any tiles.  Side by side the tiles fit absolutely perfect.  I got lucky on that one! 

I am afraid to tell you what I used for glue.  I did all my research and got names of adhesives that would work on tile, but I’m not a permanent kind of girl.  The thought of never having the option of removing the tiles or completely ruining the wall if I do was just too much for me.  So I used caulk.  Yes, caulk.  I figured I could just get a scrapping tool under there at take the tile right off when the time came.  So while it worked for a powder room that doesn’t get moisture from showers or baths, I’m not going to recommend one type of glue.  Do some research and decide for yourself.  I hereby am not responsible for any of your tile sliding of the wall.  Ha!(Please note:  After 3 days, the tile is still where it should be.  Yeah!)

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  Trying to work on that.  Just for the record, the sink is white.  It comes across a cream color in the pictures.  (And if you received my last post twice and this post without pictures, Sorry!!  For some reason I keep losing my pictures.)

Back of sink before.

A piece of lattice cut to fit the length of the sink. Helps to keep the tiles level.First tile in place! WooHoo!

Getting there!

Added decor in the powder room.  (CereusArt… Please note the shells! )

I think it’s finished finished!


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  1. Carol Patterson


    You have done it again. You turned a powder room that was totally beautiful (and finished, or so I thought – silly me) into something totally gorgeous. Absolutely love everything about it. The tile job is beautiful and yet practical and the additional accessories are perfect.

    Love, Mom


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