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Painting Interior Doors

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Thanks to model home hopping and of course, Pinterest, I have been thinking about painting my interior front door something other than white. Doors always look stunning when they are painted in dramatic colors. So I went for it. It’s only paint right?

The first coat of dark brown (Bittersweet Chocolate from PotteryBarn) looked horrible. I was having a panic attack! How many coats of white will it take to cover THAT up, I wondered??!! My BFF was my partner in crime and she kept encouraging me to move forward. She either had a vision of what it would look like finished, or she was too afraid to tell me it looked awful! After my breathing returned to somewhat normal, I put on the second coat of paint. It was looking better. By the third and final coat I was thinking it would be okay. Once the painters tape was removed and the entry way put back together, I was very happy with the results. It was dramatic. That’s what I was looking for. : ) And the cool and groovy rug I picked up at Lowes helped pull everything together. Will I do all the doors in the house? I do have more paint. I’ll let you know!

Front door BEFORE

I’m hyper-ventilating at this point.

I’m likin it!

I’m breathing again! Yeah I love it! I have more paint AND more white doors!

My new groovy rug.


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  1. Carol Patterson

    Hi there,

    Oh yea, you got your blog back. You are a wonder woman!

    The door is absolutely awsome!!!!!! Love love LOVE the color and it really looks even more SPECTACULAR with the etched glass in the door.
    You have done it again, my dear. Also, love the rug. Goes with everything.

    Love, Mom

    • Thank you! I wasn’t wonder women though, when I was kicking and screaming when I kept losing all my pictures for the post. I’m much calmer now! Love you!

  2. You are amazing. You have a great sense of humor. I admire your drive and chance taking. You make your parents proud. Keep it up.

  3. The blue and green in that “new groovy rug” just make your entry way sooo inviting! I’d smile every time I came or went, and that’s exactly what you want people to feel when they enter (or leave) your home πŸ™‚


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