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Powder Room Redo Completed

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The powder room is finished.  WooHoo!!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… paint can change your world!

The room was very easy to do.  Some paint, lattice strips to create the board and batten, and patience is all you need.  The paint came from HomeDepot.  I love this paint.  It has primer in it and it actually covered the red in the first coat.  (But I always do two coats.)  It was wonderful.  The beadboard wallpaper below the chair rail came off easily because I primed/sized the wall before the last redo.  (That little step was based on experience.  Wallpaper removal can be ugly!!)  I bought the lattice at Lowes and cut it with my miter saw.  (I love tools!)  I received a nail gun with a compressor for my birthday not that long ago, but do you think this girl thought to use it?  Nope.  Instead, all the strips of lattice was nailed to the wall and counter sunk by manual labor of my poor little hands.  I know… Duh!  What were you thinking Laurie?

All the holes were spackled and all the cracks were caulked.  I painted the lower half with a satin white.  All the accessories; the floor shelf, towels, picture, towel holder and paper holder came from HomeGoods.  The pictures don’t do the room justice.  One of these days I’ll figure out how to take a great picture.  But for now, here you go…

Bathroom before: Red faux paint with beadboard wallpaper on the bottom

Beadboard wallpaper is really awesome, but I got tired of it, so it had to go. ; )

Taking down the wallpaper was actually fun.  Weird, I know.

Trim work begins. 22 1/2 degree cut with the miter saw.

Painted the top first because I was excited about the blue color.  Patience isn’t always my strong point.  The lattice was leveled and nailed to the wall.  I also used a little bit of glue on the lattice that didn’t hit a stud. 

I love the blue!

I am very happy with the results!


This shelf was only $19.99 at HomeGoods!

Oh, one more thing.  I painted the ceiling the same satin white as the lower wall.  It had the original off white yucky builder paint on it.  Based on the picture below, you can see how well that went.  Lessons learned:  (1) Before you raise a roller brush above your head, make sure it’s not over loaded with paint.  (2) Might be a good idea to wear a hat. (3) Wash the paint out IMMEDIATELY!


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  1. Love it!!! Now I need to get to work on mine! 🙂

  2. Carol Patterson


    Totally love the bathroom and all the accessories. Always loved the “before” bathroom (the red room) but as usual you out did yourself. It’s gorgeous!!! So soothing. Loved your new hair do. Beats going to a hair salon for a streak job. Dad laughed and laughed when he saw the picture.

    You now will have to find another project that will make use of your nail gun!


    • Mom!!! Did you not know that she says she’s coming down here when my lovely daughter and family move out to do my house???? God help me! ha ha ha I don’t think they’ll let her bring the nail gun on the plane!!! ha ha ha Thank god I married a construction worker! Maybe if she’s nice, he’ll let her borrow his! ha


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