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Home Goals for 2012

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Setting goals for 2012 is inspiring as well as intimidating.  Last year I sat down and typed out my 2011 list.  Yay for me, right?  Well, I was so overwhelmed by all the projects that needed to be done as well as the ones I WANTED to do that I couldn’t do anything for days! ; )  So this year I be will be more realistic.  I’m skipping all the yucky projects and just tackling the projects I deem joyful.  (Or reasonably fun.)

♥GET ORGANIZED!  While that is not always joyful, I do feel so much better when drawers and closets and cupboards are clean out.

♥Update powder bathroom.  It’s been six years since I changed it… a really long time for me!  I have already started this project and can’t wait to show you the before and after pictures.

♥Paint and accessorize the kids “Jack and Jill” bathroom.  This space is shared with my son and daughter so it needs to be gender neutral.  Not to mention they won’t stop growing and getting older so it also needs to be more sophisticated!

Southern Living
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♥Organize (and redo?) my sewing/craft room.  I have already painted it twice, but it still needs to feel more inspiring.  Storage is a must!
♥Since Nate hasn’t answered my pleas for help, I need to figure out what to do with my empty dining room.  (I don’t want the dining room to be a dining room.)  I would like to make it a library/den/office, but don’t know where to start.  It’s time to do more research for ideas.  Darn, I will probably have to spend even more time on Pinterest.  Ha!

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♥The upstair’s hallway walls need pictures!  Looking for something unusual/unique.  Maybe gather kids artwork from the past and make a collage or gallery.

♥I have old doors and spindles and other things I’ve picked up at salvage yards and antique shows.  My goal is to repurpose them into something usable.

It’s not a long list.  Pretty manageable.  Turning the Dining Room into a usable space will be the biggest challenge this year.  It’s been on “the list” since 2003 though!  But, there is always next year…

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  1. Love the dining room/Table and Library idea. This can be used for diners or homework area and looks great for both!

  2. I’m planning on doing the same thing with my never used dining room. It’s open to the kitchen so I want some flow but make it usable space for me! Give me a shout when you get going, I’d love to see what you come up with. Can’t wait!!

    • Thanks for the response! If you come up with something brilliant, please let me know too! My layout is traditional where the dining room is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. An empty room is not a welcoming sight.

  3. These are reasonable goals – can’t wait to see how you interpret your inspiration pics. 🙂


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