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Powder Room Redo

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New year means new rooms at my house!  Although those who know me are probably thinking “Right Laurie, like YOU really need a reason to redo a room”!  True true.  The sun being out is a good reason for me.  Or it’s Tuesday is a good reason for me.  Or I haven’t been high on paint in a while is a really good reason to redo a room.  Ha!

I’m working on the powder room.  I haven’t changed it in six years.  That’s an all time record for me!  The color I chose is Pottery Barn Benjamin Moore color “Van Courtland Blue”.  Home Depot matched it for me.  (I like their paint and it’s cheaper than BM.)  The color is awesome!  I’m still working on the room, so I will have before and after pictures up soon.  I just love the color so much, I wanted to share it with you.  After my old bone recover from painting this small bathroom, I’m considering this color for the master bedroom.  Any offers to help?  I pay well with cake and cookies… ; )

Van Courtland Blue / BM HC-145


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  1. Love the color, can’t wait to see before & after pics!!!

  2. Carol Patterson

    Hi daughter,

    Love love love the blue color. As far as the possibility of doing the master bedroom with the blue, have you told your dear husband yet? Maybe you should save the cake and cookies for John when you tell him. Just a thought!

    Love, Mom


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