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Happy 2012!

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2012!  I hope everyone had a happy, healthy and safe holiday.  My family and I had a wonderful Christmas.  This was the first year, though, my daughter (my youngest child) didn’t believe in Santa Claus.  I didn’t even get the chance to answer “that question” myself.  Her BFF told her Santa was dead.  Not just not real, but dead!  Dead wasn’t exactly the way I was going to go with it, but she wasn’t upset about that.  Her biggest concern was my feelings about her not believing in Santa.  She didn’t want me sad.  Have I mentioned I have the sweetest kids?

My big gift this year was a GPS from Hubby.  Now I have a very lovely voice telling me where to go, and how to get there.  (As oppose to the mean ones I sometimes hear.)  ; )

New Years Eve was a big deal for us.  These party animals are usually asleep before midnight, but this year we celebrated with my BFF and family and, get this… we stayed awake ALL THE WAY to midnight!  WooHoo!  And we had delicious cheese and chocolate fondue for dinner.  My kind of party!

Happy New Year!!

BFF – Kerry and Me

Milk Chocolate Toblerone Fondue


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