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Classically Simple or Simply a Dinosaur?

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I’m not old.  Really and truly I’m not!  But shopping for Christmas gifts has made me feel like a dinosaur!

I want to get my daughter a cd player.  She’s really into music and likes to go to her room and listen to songs and sing.  She’s asking for CDs for Christmas.  When I was out shopping, I asked someone where the CD players where.  He sent me to the isle that had portable players with earplugs.  Not what I had in mind.  I asked if they carried CD players that you could actually listen to out loud and he looked at me like I had too heads.  Now, I’m not looking for a big boom box she can carry on her shoulders for goodness sakes!  Music players these days are contraptions that you put Ipods in.  We don’t have Ipods.  We have Ipod shuffles, but they don’t make contraptions for those.  Do I really have to buy the expensive Ipods and then a thing to put it in so she can hear music out loud?  She’s only nine and the last time I looked the money tree in the back yard hasn’t sprouted.

But this nine-year old of mine doesn’t always make me feel like a young thing either.  She was looking for a Christmas movie to watch and we came across one from 1979.  She looked horrified and announced she didn’t want to watch a movie that was not in color.  Really?!  Then there’s my BFF who is only slightly younger than I am.  She did not know what Lincoln Logs were.  Help me!

All this got me thinking about how, NOT THAT LONG AGO, toys were so much more simple (and less expensive).  Some of these classic games I remember from childhood were hand-me-downs from OLDER cousins.  Just saying so you know I’m not THAT old! ha!


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