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Handmade Gift Ideas – Photos

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Christmas is fast approaching!  I can hardly believe it’s just 2 1/2 weeks away.  For someone so excited about the holiday, I am way behind in my shopping and gift making!

I saw the soap dispenser on Pinterest and it got me thinking about photo gift ideas.  (That is after I stopped crying from laughing so hard!!  I love the soap dispenser!)

Happy Creating!

THIS IS A HOOT!  One Pinner says,

This makes me smile! FUNNY and CLEVER! Click the picture to see how it’s done.

Photo coasters - grandparent gifts?

Photo Coasters

Pinned Image

Photo Bracelets

Mouse Pads

Personalized Mouse Pad

photo collage for christmas gifts

I love this ideas for Grandparents!

Photo Calendar

Another calendar idea… One year I scanned my kids artwork they made over the years and made a calendar like the one above.

Custom iPhone Case

Custom Iphone Case


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  1. The soap dispenser is a very funny item. Nice captures for gift ideas.

  2. I really like the soap dispenser idea too. 🙂


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