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Christmas Ideas #4 – 11

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While jotting down my Christmas list, I realized there was a theme in the things I was asking Santa for.  Nothing big, nothing expensive.  Just simple stuff.  Helpful stuff for creativity.

So, if you want to buy me something… I mean shop for that creative person in your life, here are some gift ideas.  If you really want to surprise her… may I suggest POWER TOOLS?!! : )

Zoomed: 3M Black Frame with Clear Lens Plastic Readers Safety Glasses

Safety glasses! Everyone need a pair or two when working with power tools. And these are part reading glasses! Who knew??

BISSELL® Steam and Sweep Hard Surface Cleaner - Silver.Opens in a new window

While I normally frown upon cleaning products for Christmas, this would be handy when I’m crafting in the kitchen.

Sony Earbud Headphones - Blue/ Violet (MDREX35LP/VB)

I need theses! I have an Ipod Shuffle with broken earbuds.

21.Opens in a new window

ADELE! So I can sing my little heart out while I’m crafting or creating.  LOVE HER!  Need the cd so I can have it in my car too.

DEGREE Aqua Sea Degrees Discovery Ear Warmer

These would be helpful for safety as well as keeping me warm when I’m working in the garage. (With the power tools!)

Zoomed: MECHANIX WEAR 1-Pack Female Work Gloves

Another helpful item to keep me warm and safe in the garage.

Holiday Lowe's Gift Card

Ahhh! Gift Cards…

never can have too many!


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  1. I hope Santa brings you all you wished for. Be sure the people closest to you have a copy of the list. After you open your gifts, dress up and take a picture for all of us to see you in your new garb.

  2. Yes! “helpful stuff for creativity” — that’s what I need too. And a gift certificate for a massage — I am always creative when relaxing!


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