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To Text or Not to Text

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With all the technology we have these days, sometimes it’s just better to pick up the phone instead of sending a text.

This morning I received a text from my BFF asking if I wanted to go on an adventure.  I called her to tell her I wanted to just hang out at home today.  Meanwhile, during the busy morning rush, I discovered the upstairs heat was not working.  I text BFF to whine a bit, and wrote “My heat is broken!”.  She texted back with “why, what happened?” I replied “I don’t know.  I think it’s been broken for days, but no one believed me.  Not coming out til Monday.  May call someone else“.  (meaning the repair guy.)  Apparently BFF thought the text said “My HEART is broken.  Now go back and read how I responded to her with HEART in the sentence instead of HEAT! HA! Being the most sensitive person ever, my BFF was FREAKED OUT!  She just saw me yesterday and my heart was just fine.  She had to wait until her kids left for school to call and see what was wrong with me.  When I answered the phone, she was frantic.  When I told her it was my HEATER that was broken, and not my heart, we both nearly pee’d our pants from laughing.  (My family thought I was nuts because of the tears running down my face!)  So, the moral of the story is… pick up the phone.  If your BFF needs glasses, it could save you a lot of (very funny) grief not to make her read! : )



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  1. All I can think of to say is I remember when I was a young child my Mother asked me, “What am I going to do with you Kerry?” I replied, “Just love me Mommy!” So my dearest BFF, Just love me and my wacky self! What a relief it was though to know your heart wasn’t broken! Ha!


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