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Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?

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Question.  Real tree or artificial tree?

I grew up in Florida, so Christmas trees were usually bought at Lowes or Home Depot.  On the couple of occasions when I drove to where ever they keep the woods in Florida to cut down a tree, it just didn’t feel right to swing that axe in 80 degrees and wearing shorts.  Holiday spirit shouldn’t cause sweating!

Now that I live in North Carolina, tree lots are everywhere.  We would browse through the trees, appropriately freezing our tushies off, looking for the perfect tree.  It was a family tradition I looked forward to.  Until…

A few years ago on Christmas Eve, my kids said the tree had bugs crawling out of it.  Never heard of such a thing before, so I didn’t quite believe them.  Then I saw these little creatures all over the carpet and in the tree!  Oh Holy Night!  I DON’T LIKE BUGS!  What was a mom to do except scream for her hubby and call her Mommy!  My mom rushed over to help my hubby take the ornaments off the tree and flick the bugs off the gifts that were already under the tree.  All the while I’m standing back away from the tree, jumping up and down, screaming like a girl!  Not a proud moment for me.  The tree finally made its way to the curb.  Hundred of bugs were crawling around the tree stand.  Its has horrible.  Of course all our neighbors saw our Christmas tree at the curb on Christmas Eve and wondered what the heck was going on at our house.  We ended up putting a miniature tree on a table in the family room and piled presents in a corner.  Ahhh… memories.

So for this girl, fake trees are for me!  We bought a beautiful one last year and I love it.  And it came bug free!


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  1. You paint such a vivid picture when you write. You have a special gift not of just the crafts/ideas but the verbage you use. I am so impressed. I can just picture your mom picking bugs off your tree …….. Did you give her a jar with a lid on it to capture the critters?

    • Thanks! The bugs were squashed and sucked up in the vacuum. Fortunately I received a new vacuum for christmas so the old bug filled vacuum was kicked to the curb too! ha!

  2. Hi Sweetie,

    Loved your comments on the “bugged tree”. It’s nice to know that my claim to fame for being your mother is to appear on your blog as the infamous Christmas tree debugger. Ah, what memories! Also, love your door wreath. Awesome, beautiful as usual and so creative.


  3. I am getting the creepy crawlies just reading this! 🙂

    I keep an artificial tree up year round for my CereusArt ornaments (yeah, I am that lady). My husband prefers a real tree at Christmas. Not sure if that’s gonna happen this year…


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