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Easy Holiday Decor

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A few posts ago, I put up some simple Christmas decoration ideas.  One of them was this “Believe” sign.  I had big plan to recreate it from scratch, but what do ya know… I came across it at Home Goods yesterday!  And it was only $12.99!  Even me, Miss DIY-er, knew it was well worth buying instead of making.  It was the only one there, so it was just waiting for me. : )

I have started a little Christmas decorating, mostly with the things that are handmade.  Some I had for years, others I made just recently.  All are easy to do!

BELIEVE! (yes I do!)

These little birds I picked up at the Southern Christmas Show last week. They are sitting of books that I wrapped in holiday paper.

This pillow was fun to make. I’m addicted to making flowers! Pinterest gave me this idea.

Styrofoam balls wrapped in ribbon.

Styrofoam trees wrapped in yarn (red and green) and faux fur trim (white).


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  1. Your decorations are beautiful! I think I may give the Christmas tree a try. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. OMG! I so want to make those trees! Thanks!


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