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Love the Holidays… (most of them)

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I know Halloween just past and Thanksgiving is not yet here, but I’m ready for Christmas.  I love Christmas!  It’s my most favoritest holiday of the year.  Halloween is okay for the kids, especially if they share their candy with me, but I have never cared for Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a day spent preparing a huge meal (and I don’t like to cook or eat meat), just so it can be devoured in 30 minutes or less.  Hours and hours of cooking and baking and it’s gone before I can say pass the meat.  (Just kidding… ‘cuz you will never hear me say please pass the meat!)  And then there’s the kitchen.  It always looks like a hurricane passed straight through it after all that cooking.  There are so many dishes to do that I have to run the dishwasher two times in one day.  And that means I have to empty it two times in one day!!  See where I going with this??  It just keeps getting worse!  And there are sooo many left-overs that we are eating turkey for the next week.  And it’s a meal I really didn’t want to have in the first place!  All to show thankfulness.  Really?  Can’t we just order pizza?

Did I mention I’m in a Bible Study called “Lord, Change my Attitude”?  I think it’s helping. : )

P.S.  I am truly thankful and count my blessings everyday.  And we are going out to dinner for Thanksgiving this year. ; )


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