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Habitat Desk Redo

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Happy Halloween y’all!  I have something frightening to share with you…  this hideous, scary looking desk.  I picked it up from my Habitat Restore for $30.  I have been looking for a desk to use in my sewing/craft room.  I could see the potential.  (Hubby, however, walked right passed it without seeing the desk in the garage.  Maybe  he was just not paying attention, or MAYBE I have too many unfinished projects in the garage that he didn’t notice the addition!)


After removing the hardware and cleaning the desk, I lightly sanded the piece before applying a coat of primer.  The primer I bought said it would seal on glossy surfaces, but after doing a test patch, I could scratch the primer off.  No short cuts.  Sanding was necessary.  Two coats of Decorator White from Home Depot and the dresser was done.  I did sand the edges for a distressed look.  Not bad for $30 and a little elbow grease!  I highly recommend wandering your local thrift store.  Finding something unloved and bringing it back to life is fun and you will be proud of yourself with the results!  Happy shopping!



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  1. You are impressive and need to contact Nate Berkus. I am sure he is inundated, but keep telling him you are out there.

  2. Carol Patterson

    Laurie, you continue to amaze your Dad and me with your remarkable talents. The desk is so beautiful. The vision that you possess to be able to turn a complete “ugly duckling” (the awful desk, of course and also, many other items that you have done) into something of great beauty is a true gift. You should be very proud – Dad and I certainly are.

    Love, Mom

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