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Handmade Christmas Gifts # 2 1/2 – More Crochet Ideas

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I can’t stop crocheting flowers now!  Ha!  Everyone is going to get something crocheted for Christmas.  (Well, maybe.  There is still two months before Christmas after all.  Who knows what I will get obsessed with next.)

I made a smaller version of the crochet pillow I did before.  It turned out really cute.  But if you want a super easy crochet project, scarfs are the thing to do.  And consider yourself warned… they are addictive!  The scarfs below are done with a double stitch.  My BFF is now hooked (ha!) on crocheting and can’t stay away from the yarn section at Michaels!  The two bigger multi-colored scarfs are hers and they are beautiful!

So there you go.  More crochet ideas for Christmas.  Oh, and did you know that you can check out books on crochet at the LIBRARY??  I keep going into Barnes and Noble to find books, but who knew there was another big building full of books you can check out for free?  What a brilliant idea!!  And the way I always return things, it’s the perfect set up for me! : )


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