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Easy to make Bedskirt

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Today I made a bedskirt for my daughter’s bed.  And I cheated a bit.  Because I always redo rooms, I have learned to do things more simply, requiring less time.  It still looks awesome and no one knows I took a short cut.  Well, until now anyway! ha!

My daughter’s bed sits on the floor.  Not my choice, but she thinks it looks cool.  To make the bedskirt to cover the box spring, I measured the height and added about 3 inches.  For my daughter’s bed, I cut four 11 inch pieces from the material.  I sewed the together in a long strip and hemmed 1 inch.

Then… DUCT TAPE!  Yes, I duct taped it to the top of the boxspring.  Just gather the material slightly if you want a ruffled look and tape it down.  I do this all the time.  (Of course if I’m making one for a friend or customer, I will do it the “professional” way.)  But for us always changing our mind girls, Duct Tape is the answer.

Fun fabric my daughter and I picked out for her room

Iron 1 inch seam and sew hem

Stitch Witchery will work if you don’t have a sewing machine

Slightly gather fabric and duct tape to box spring

Add an extra single strip of tape to each side of the bed added security

Finished bedskirt. My daughter thinks it’s cool and groovy!



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