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I love Christmas!  I love the decorations, the cold weather, the family time and celebrating the Reason for the season.  The only thing that gets me crazy every year is the shopping and spending.  It use to be my favorite thing to do, but as I’ve gotten older, all that shopping, stress and spending money strikes me as ridiculous.  I, personally, would love all handmade, homemade gifts.  One of my favorite gifts last year is a “Mommy and Me” photo album my daughter made.  And it was her idea.  How absolutely sweet is that?

Now that I have discovered Pinterest, the creative ideas available out there is incredible!  I LOVE Pinterest.  I may be slightly addicted to it, but the amount of awesomely talented and creative people out there is amazing!  I can’t stop looking!

So, I am making it my goal this year to make handmade gifts.  I say that every year, but now I have it in writing, I’m really going to do it.  Yes, I will buy some gifts for my kids, but I really want to impress upon them the thoughtfulness of handmade gifts too.  Everyone else on my Christmas list will receive something made by me.  And if anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas… well, something made by you. : )


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  1. I love Christmas also:) For the last 4 years or so I have been making gifts myself. At first it was for monetary reasons, I was a bit hessitant and wondered if People would understand and accept the gifts. But now…well now people actually as if I can make them something. A scarf some, socks, a knitted Cushion or two…. anything really. And that just suits me fine:)

  2. That’s a great idea =] handmade gifts are so much more personal – you know someone has really put time and thought into a handmade gift, and it will carry much more sentimental value. Good luck with it!

  3. ps. I’d never come across pinterest before – what a fantastic resource!

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