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The End of Summer

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Wow!  The last full week before school starts is drawing to an end.  We have spent this past week at the beach in Isle of Palms, South Carolina with extended family… eight of us in all.  We are all golden brown, well rested and at least 5 pounds heavier!  What more could ya ask for?

Tomorrow is back to reality.  In just a few days, we will be meeting teachers, buying last-minute school supplies and filling the last days before school with friends, video games and lying around in pajamas.  Not a bad way to end the summer!

What an awesome kite!

Isle of Palms


My fish kids

Me and Hubby


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  1. Beautiful – Your mom sounds like she was in heaven on this adventure with you.
    I was on my way back from Ft. Pierce yesterday and crossing Tampa Bay on the Howard Frankland and we had a stunning one and to top it off, it was a double rainbow. It was like it just stood out off the sky above. School starts here tomorrow. When I was there a few weeks ago, your mom showed me the bedroom that is your first choice. it certainly is colorful. I tend more towards the peaceful feeling from the first one with the blues. Just a different taste.


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