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The interior of my house was just painted and now I’m reluctant to put anything back on the walls.  So not like me!  But the walls look so lovely without the scars of Laurie and her hammer and nails. When I took the pictures down for the painters, I think I actually felt the wind blowing through the holes I left behind.  I know my husband was shocked at all the nail holes in the walls. (But he didn’t say a word!)  Just for the record though, I am quite handy with spackle and paint, but if the holes don’t show after the next arrangement goes up, no one knows what’s under there but me. ; )

Anyway, I would like to do something with the garage door entryway.  It’s the door everyone uses to come in and it’s also the hallway to the laundry room.  I would like the wall to have hooks for book bags, umbrellas and keys plus storage for other things.  It’s too narrow for a bench, so I need to think vertical.  So that’s my next project and yeah for me… it’s in air conditioning!  Not that I’m a wimp or anything! : )

I found some pictures of entryways for some inspiration.


This is what my hallway looks currently!  Blah and boring and not very pretty.


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