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Handmade Drapes… Almost!

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Drapes and curtains can be hard to find… especially if you are looking for a length longer than 84 inches.  The limited styles, textures and patterns offered out there leaves much to be desired.  But making your own drapes can be very pricy as well.  The cost and yardage it takes to make a single drape can make your head spin, then multiply that by 2, 4 or more panels, well you just better sit down!

So, here’s my “almost” handmade way to get custom, original looking drapes.  I found fabric at my favorite fabric shop that I loved.  It’s a discount fabric store… even better!!  (I repainted the whole kitchen and sunroom based on the colors in the fabric.)  Though the fabric was priced well, making drapes floor to ceiling in that pattern would have been too much (in looks and in cost).  IKEA baby!  I purchased white panels that come in a package of TWO for $19.99. (That’s unheard of!).  I cut the top of the white panels to remove the tabs and added my lovely material to the top third of the drape.  If you use your favorite fabric on the bottom of your drape, the tabs of the IKEA curtains are already there… even easier.  In my case, I needed to sew an open-ended seam at the top to slide it on the curtain rod. You can also use curtain rings with clips to hang your drapes as well.  Voila!


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  1. Love your stuff and going through all your DIY. Just noticed the Wa-laa on this one. Like a nice trim finish on a shelf, so are the comments. Wa-laa is actually Voilà (sorta like a ta-da, but in French), in case you wanted to get ALL OF IT right. Thanks so much for your tutorials and the great pictures. I’m making plans with MY BFF!

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by and checking things out. And thanks for the correction! 😀 My hubby caught that same mistake on another post I did. It’s engrained in my head now! ha!


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