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I am often asked how I got so “creative” or “talented” or how did I know how to do something.  My parents in particular just shake their heads at the things I do or create.  But the funny things is, I get it from them.

Growing up, my Mom was always painting or wall papering or rearranging rooms.  And she was good at it!  We never knew what the house would look like when we came home from school.  She could have our bedroom (I have a twin) painted, wallpapered and looking like a show piece WHILE we were at school.  In a day!  Anytime she would clean our room, all our stuff would be displayed just perfectly.  It was a happy and loving feeling seeing our room done by Mom.  And now my husband gets the joy of never knowing where he will sit when he comes home from work.  Or what color the walls would be.  (Sorry dear… as you can see, it’s Mom’s fault I’m like this! ha!)

My dad could build anything.  He built us a playhouse when we were little that had windows that actually opened and closed!  It was a life-size dollhouse!  He built furniture we had in our room.  He had every tool you could need to get something done.  He could fix anything and wasn’t afraid to try if he hadn’t done it before.  He just knew everything.  (And still does)  Drawing was another talent of his.  I remember him drawing a picture of our church for the front cover of the church bulletin.  He helped with every school project that required creativity and tools.  And now my garage looks like a workshop because I love tools!

My Grandma P. was very talented at sewing.  When she passed away, I received her sewing machine and that’s when my sewing began.  What she didn’t teach me I bought books and learned myself.  My grandma F. taught me to crochet.  We all had afghans made by her and every new member of the family was sure to get one.  She passed while I was pregnant with my daughter, so I inherited her yarn and needles and made her one myself.

I have an awesome group of very talented and creative friend who enjoy the same things I do.  And I have a very loving and supportive husband that cheers me on and enables me to do what I want with the house and garage!  As long as I’m not taking down walls, he’s with me all the way. : )

So my inspiration comes from my family and friends.  They instilled the desire to be creative and try new things.  They shouldn’t look at me in awe when I do something.  They should look at me and see themselves.


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