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Pinewood Derby Car

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This is a project my son just did for school.  Anyone who knows me and my son can probably imagine how this went down.  My genius left brain thinker and his emotional right brain mom clash severely on creative projects.  While my son is on the computer calculating the correct dimensions of every single Wii buttons, I’m losing my mind.  The wood had to be glued together to get the right thickness of the remote.  Then the sides had to be puttied and sanded to look smooth.  And the edges had to rounded to get the “perfect” Wii remote “feel”.  The wheels were not fun to put on. Our remote had only three wheels touching the floor at any given moment.  But we managed to get them level and, finally, all four tires touching the ground at the same time.  My son did all the buttons and painted the details.  Only one bad word was said, and no one got hurt.  In the end, my son learned he could be creative when he stopped over thinking it.  And it turned out AWESOME!



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  1. THANKS! I do not have tools to cut the Pinewood Derby block so we were looking for creative ideas for the plain block of wood given to us. We are going to give this a try this month! Where did you find the circles and the + shape for the buttons??

    • Sorry I didn’t give details on this post. The big + button is just cardboard cut to shape. The “A” button and the small round buttons are those cabinet door bumper pads. We just painted them white, then used a marker to write on the symbol and numbers. I hope that helps!


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