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Every year begins with not a New Year’s resolution, but as a new year to redecorate!  My family has come to expect that changes will take place after Christmas.  I love change… as long as I’m the one making them!  haha!

I have a collection of pictures I no longer like.  I keep them around for the frames.  Not that I alway know what I’m going to do with them, but I just can’t throw them away.  This frame came from a picture that I bought eight years ago when I decorated our new house for the first time.  Now it is getting a new life.

I have seen windows and frames made into shelves in salvage stores and antique stores and even home good stores.  Love them!  So here is my take on one.

I created a box from 1 x 6 and attached it to the frame with wood glue.  Tape is being used to hold the pieced together while the glue dries.  I really need to invest in some clamps!  After the glue dried, I turned the frame over and nailed the picture frame to the box frame.  Then I glued and nailed pieces of 1 x 6 x 3/8 thick wood for the shelf and dividers.

I primed the shelves and picture frame with a brush. (Spray paint will also work.)  This is a project in process.  I will post more pictures soon.



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