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Mario Birthday Party

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Back in the day when my son was young enough to have themed birthday parties, he chose to do Mario party.  Of course you could find Spiderman, Superman and the Teletubbies everywhere, but no Mario.  I was on my own.

I picked up cake boxes from Michael’s and then searched the internet for pictures of a Gamecube.  I needed pictures of all sides.  The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing!  I then printed the pictures out to size and glued them to the box.  Now I had a really cute take home gift for my son’s friends.

(Just for the record though, I hate the idea of “goody bags” for birthday parties.  I can’t believe that being invited to your friend’s birthday party, playing whatever games are planned, eating cake and ice cream is not enough.  Seriously! The party is supposed to be about the birthday boy or girl.  And I have just taken your child off your hands for a couple of hours… Who really deserves the goody bag here??  Just saying.  Whoever started that little scheme ought to be strung up by her thumbs.  I no longer succumb to that absurdity!  ha!)

I also painted a giant picture of Mario on a poster board and played “pin the M on Mario’s hat.  Good times!



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