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When I thought of the idea to build a Barbie size dollhouse for my daughter for Christmas, I never would have guessed what I was getting myself into.  My BFF, being the angel that she is, chose to join me and build one for her daughter too.  It was a true labor of love!  It took months.  It took patience and trial and error and a little bit of blood and tears.  (I would say “sweat” too, but it was so cold in the basement when we were building it, we took turns hugging the floor heater!)  It was a lesson in perseverance since neither one of us built anything like this EVER!  AND it was all worth it!  We created a family heirloom our daughters LOVE, my BFF and I got to spend countless hours together talking and laughing working on this amazing project together.  I wrote a blog about it as it was happening if you are interested in reading about the details and seeing more pictures of our crazy adventure.

Me (on the right) and my BFF at our first of many many trips to Lowes.

The finished house

My daughters reaction on Christmas morning! Sooo worth it!

Back of house all decked out with furniture


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